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Our Enhanced Home Inspection Course is the only ASHI Endorsed classroom course in the United States. For more information click here.

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Job Opportunities for Home Inspectors

Although Kaplan does not formally offer job placement, many companies are eager to hire Kaplan graduates. We now maintain a classified ad section on our web-site with many current job opportunities for Kaplan graduates.

We receive numerous requests from companies who are looking to hire home inspectors such as the sample letter below:

RP&S Home Inspection Group

April 3, 2001

Mr. Kevin O'Malley, President
Ms. Asha Alsobrooks, Executive Assistant
Kaplan Professional Schools
1050 Los Vallecitos Blvd, Suite 109, San Marcos, CA 92069


Dear Mr. O'Malley and Ms. Alsobrooks:

As the owner of RP&S Home Inspection Group, and a relative newcomer to the home inspection industry, I am very concerned about the quality of home inspectors employed by my company. I am very aware of the quality demands placed on your students and standards to graduate from Kaplan. For this reason, I have already hired two graduates of your excellent program.

Due to my background in marketing within the home industry, I have applied some of those principles to the home inspection industry. Because of our aggressive marketing program and delivering a quality home inspection at competitive rates, we are experiencing a very rapid growth.

Due to this growth, we are looking for career minded home inspectors to share in our success. As always, we will appreciate your help in directing any of your graduates to call me personally for a career interview.

Thank you in advance for your help and thanks for the contributions that Kaplan continually provides to our industry.

Best regards,

Don Fryer,

For more information call our Vocational Retraining Coordinator at 1-800-323-9235.


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