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Learn How to Become a Home Inspector with our...
National Home Inspection Correspondence Course

125 home study
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Kaplan's national home inspection correspondence course has been designed to aid certified home inspectors in their quest for much needed information and training. Since 1987, Kaplan has been training students to become certified home inspectors in its intensive 11-day course at various locations in the United States. As a result of growing need for a comprehensive home study course, Kaplan has developed this correspondence course to show how to become a home inspector.

Our course has been tailored from our in-depth 11-day program, using the same curriculum and study materials, plus additional video instruction. The course consists of seven modules, covering the following topics: Getting Started in The Home Inspection Business, Structures, Interior, Insulation, Exteriors, Roofs, Building Codes, Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, Air Conditioning and Heat Pumps.

As an added bonus, you will be entitled to participate in a weekly Virtual Home Inspection Workshop! These valuable one hour workshops allow you to speak with a trained, experienced home inspector and instructor, get your questions answered and concentrate on a specific technical or business topic each week! Click here for more information.

The modules are designed to be completed one at a time. Textbooks, study guides and tests are parceled with each corresponding module, along with detailed instructions on how to work through each module. Students may contact us any time to get help with their studies at no extra charge. Online exams are available to make study at home even more convenient. Choose Kaplan, the leader in home inspector training, and with our correspondence course you will receive the best of convenience and excellence.

You can study at your own pace with Kaplan. Included with your training are the popular on-site “Matrix Advantage” Inspection Report Forms used by thousands of successful inspectors. At any time you can transfer into one of our classroom courses and receive credit towards your tuition!

  • Modules are grouped into like disciplines for easier learning.

  • A Quiz is at the end of each module to help prepare for the Final Exam. All quizzes/exams are taken on line and the students receive results immediately. Final exam for IL must be on paper proctored.

  • Comprehensive study guides to correspond with the assigned text books to increase the student's ability to learn.

  • Step by step instruction to help assist the students through each module

  • Correspondence course support at your finger tips

Order the full course and receive
"Home Inspection the Right Way" Video
- a $79.95 value, FREE!

Course Outline

Module A: Getting Started (22 hours)
How to set-up and run a successful business. Insurance requirements, reporting options, administrative procedures, professional associations, marketing opportunities. Understanding professional standards of practice, what and how to inspect, how to report your findings.

Module B: Structure, Interior, Insulation (23 hours)
Inspection of foundations, basements, framing, crawlspaces and attics. Causes of failure and identification. Structural inspection, shear cracking, truss uplift, surface finishes, vapor & moisture barriers.

Module C: Roofs & Exterior (24 hours)
Grounds, grading, drainage, siding, trim, flashing and evaluation. Composition, built-up, low slope, slate, tile and material installation. Identifying wear, age, weathering, manufacturer defects and installer errors.

Module D: Plumbing (10 hours)
Evaluating old and new plumbing systems. Recognizing materials, water heating requirements and installations, functional flow and drainage.

Module E: Mechanical (24 hours)
Electric heaters, boilers, steam systems, forced air furnaces, oil heating, radiant heating, convectors, radiators, fuel storage, wood burning stoves evaluation. Air cooling systems, evaporative cooling, refrigerants, ground source cooling, water source cooling, air to air systems evaluation.

Module F: Electrical (12 hours)
Inspecting electrical panels & sub-panels. Overhead wiring installations. Service conductors and weather heads. Circuit installations and wiring requirements.

Module G: Codes (10 hours)
A better understanding of the building code requirements from grading to roofing as it pertains to home inspection.

Course exams are available online     125 hrs of training . . . . . $1,195 plus applicable tax and shipping for course materials   order correspondence course

Note: Illinois and Texas Correspondence requirements vary; call for details.

Getting Started

Order On-line or Call 1-888-323-9235 and place your order today.

  • Your first module will arrive with instructions for study
  • Complete the first module, then contact us and we will mail you the next module
  • We will notify you of all test results


The total fee is $1,195.00 plus applicable taxes, shipping and handling. Each module will be mailed to you separately. If you decide you no longer want to continue your studies, please refer to the return policy below.

Return Policy:   Video tapes are nonrefundable. Damaged or defective goods will be replaced by Kaplan - please notify us within 5 days of receipt. Kaplan needs to be notified of intended return, and a R.G.A.N. obtained prior to shipping. A restocking fee of 20% of the original selling price will be charged on all returns. Returned goods must be in a new, resellable condition. Returns are not allowed after 30 days from the date of shipment. Please allow 2-3 weeks for delivery.

Getting Started   Outline   Tuition   Order Now


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"This course is excellent. I feel that so far it has been very much worth my money and the support has been unparralled."

Steve Smith



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