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We offer the following modules to test on: National Home Inspectors' Practice Exam, The Home Inspection Business, Scope of Inspections (Standards), Foundations/Structures, Exteriors, Roofing, Building Codes, Plumbing, Electrical, Air Conditioning & Heat Pumps, Interior & Insulation, and Heating.

How would you like to test your knowledge? Now you can! Kaplan created testing software that we have used for many years with our training classes. Now you can take a practice exam designed to simulate the exams you will encounter with many state licensing or association entrance examinations. We encourage you to reference these training manuals and study guide resources when studying and reviewing your exam results. These simulation exams do not guarantee that you will pass any state and/or association exams. Order Online Practice Exams Now.

Practice Exam Sample Questions

1. Which of the following is not a requirement with regard to anchor bolts?

a. 1/2 inch bolts minimum
b. 7 inch embedment at 6 ft. spacing
c. Within 12 inches of the end of sill
d. Older homes must be retrofitted to today's requirements

Answer is D

2. Required stair handrail height is:

a. 32"
b. Minimum 30" max 34"
c. Minimum 34" max 38"
d. Minimum 32" max 34"

Answer is C

3. A cripple wall would be found?

a. Under a door
b. In the underfloor area
c. In the garage
d. In the attic

Answer is B

4. The cold water supply to a water heater should always have:

a. A stop gap
b. An air gap
c. A shutoff valve
d. A boiler connection

Answer is C

5. Which of the following should not be connected to the sewer or septic system?

a. Floor drains
b. Sink waste
c. Laundry standpipes
d. Roof drains

Answer is D

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