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Change Home Inspection Field Training to Home Inspection Mentored Field Training
Follow an experienced home inspector on a live inspection

Arizona Home Inspection Training, Arizona Home Inspector Training

Mentored field training consists of a one-on-one inspection with an experienced inspector. The student will observe the inspection of all the various visible and accessible systems and components in the home and it’s exterior. They will also have the opportunity to observe how the inspector interacts with the clients, seller and real estate agents and how information about the home is conveyed to the clients.

The students may take notes and fill out their own inspection report form as he or she follows the inspector around the property.

Time spent on field inspections can greatly enhance a student's understanding of the whole process. Best of all, you get personal attention one-on-one with the inspector!

5 Live Field Inspections
10 Live Field Inspections $1050 (Save $50!)
25 Live Field Inspections   $2450 (Save $300!)
30 Live Field Inspections   $2750 (Save $550!)


Meets many licensing requirements for required field training.*

*Check with your appropriate licensing authority for details.

New York Inspectors
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