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Enhanced Infrared and Acoustic Home Inspection Training
In partnership with HomeSafe Inspection, Inc.

5 Days - 40 hours
Only $1,199

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Become a Specialist-Infrared Residential Inspector
Kaplan Professional Schools in partnership with HomeSafe Inspection, Inc. introduces the industry’s first Enhanced Infrared and Acoustic Home Inspection Training. Participants will receive their Specialist-Infrared Residential Inspector (S.I.R.I.) and their Level 1 Thermography certificates and will learn how to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace. With this in-depth, hands-on course, you will be trained to provide advanced home inspections using infrared and acoustic technologies, training you in how to evaluate building components and receive a certificate designating you as an expert in infrared home inspections

What does the course cover?
Under the Enhanced Infrared and Acoustical Home Inspection course, you will be trained in American Society of Non-Destructive Testing’s (ASNT) Level I Thermography and then delve far deeper, learning real-world practical applications and problem-solving specifically related to IR usage in home inspections. The S.I.R.I. course covers:

  • Infrared Physics and Thermodynamics
  • Infrared Data Interpretation
  • ASNT Thermography Level I
  • Specialized Preparation for Optimal Infrared Scanning Conditions
  • Infrared and EIFS Inspection
  • Infrared and Roofing Inspection
  • Infrared and Moisture Detection
  • Infrared and Electrical Wiring/Hot Spots Inspection
  • Infrared and Energy Loss Inspection
  • Infrared and Mold Evaluation
  • Infrared and Termite Detection
  • Infrared and Internal Structural Inspection
  • Thermal Performance of Home Building Materials
  • The Physics of Sound
  • Acoustical Termite Detection
  • Wood-Destroying Insect Reporting

What types of infrared equipment are covered?
The Enhanced Infrared and Acoustic Home Inspection course is inclusive, and instruction covers appropriate usage of all types of infrared equipment.  We also train you in HomeSafe’s advanced, high-powered and specially customized technology.

HomeSafe Inspection utilizes one of the most powerful, sensitive, high-resolution infrared cameras available to home inspectors. HomeSafe’s IR technology was selected and customized specifically for a wide range of applications in home inspections, based on extensive research and testing as part of a USDA-funded project at the National Center for Physical Acoustics (NCPA).

How do I get my own IR camera?
Whether you choose to license, lease or purchase IR equipment, packages are available so that you may order your equipment in advance and have it delivered to the Kaplan training facility for use during course training. Click here to learn how to lease-license equipment directly from HomeSafe Inspection.

What if I already own an IR camera?
If you already own an IR camera, you are not required to purchase a new one for this course.  Simply bring your own camera to class with you every day.

What is a S.I.R.I. Certificate?
Upon completion of the Enhanced Infrared and Acoustic Home Inspection course and passing an examination, you will be qualified to receive S.I.R.I. Certificates at one of two (2) levels:

Level I Specialist - Infrared Residential Inspector - Designates that the trainee has met requirements to provide limited Infrared Home Inspection services appropriate to IR technologies with restricted capabilities.

Level II Specialist – Infrared Residential Inspector – Designates that the trainee has met more stringent requirements to provide a full range of advanced Infrared Home Inspection services utilizing HomeSafe’s high-powered, customized IR technology or similar high-end IR equipment.

What are the advantages of my S.I.R.I. Certificate?
Your S.I.R.I. Certificate signifies to real estate professionals and potential clients that you are trained in a valuable set of skills which differentiates you from your competitors. It also comes with certain advantages that will make your business stronger, enhance your marketing and promotional capabilities and protect your liability.

  • 5 days of in-depth training in effective usage of infrared and acoustics in home inspections by Kaplan, America’s number-one home inspection training organization.
  • Examination delivered and Certificates issued immediately by Kaplan after training.
  • E&O insurance coverage which does not exclude infrared/acoustic, specialty inspections and follow-up inspections is available.
  • S.I.R.I. Certificate is annually renewable upon completion of continuing education units (also available through Kaplan and HomeSafe Inspection).
  • Notification of your S.I.R.I. Certificate Designation status provided to national, state and local real estate associations on annual basis at no charge to you.
  • Notification of your S.I.R.I. Certificate Designation status posted on HomeSafe Inspection’s Web site at www.HomeSafeInspection.com at no charge to you.
  • Specialized support services available, including infrared image interpretation, diagnosis and consultation.

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* Additional equipment lease price $625 per month (subject to change without notice).


The power to see what no one
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