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Residential Energy Inspections with Home Tune-uP® Course
2 Days - 16 hours
Only $299     Register Online

Residential Energy Inspections with Home Tune-uP provides two full days of classroom and in-the-field training that offers the only energy inspection system specifically designed for home inspectors. This 16 hour course will cover essential energy information to include the basic heat loss and heat gain principles, in addition to other key fundamental energy concepts. Students will learn how to collect data and enter it into a web-based system to produce comprehensive energy reports. The report will provide the home inspection client energy saving information that they need in order to lower their energy bill while improving comfort. Once trained and certified, inspectors can offer this beneficial service that is attractive to both home owners and prospective home buyers.

How to Get Started…

Take a class

Kaplan Professional Schools in partnership with CMC Energy are excited to present Home Energy Tune-uP® training nationwide. Our training consists of a two full days; twelve hours of classroom training and 4 hours in-the-field, with a trained energy instructor for hands-on, audited training. In order to become a trained energy inspector students must be a qualified home inspector or have a technical background in building/home construction technology.

Complete Your Practice Inspections

Upon completing the training course, CMC Energy requires that inspectors complete 2 FREE practice inspections. These practice inspections can be performed on the student’s home, or the home of friends or relatives. Once entered into the Tune-uP software, a member of our staff will review the inspections and notify of the inspector of the successful completion of the training program.

Perform the Tune-uP System to perform Energy Inspections

One the inspector has successfully completed 2 practice energy inspections the inspector can now offer this beneficial service to clients. Each Home Energy Tune-uP® inspection must be entered it into CMC Energy’s web-based program for a small fee, currently $20. (We encourage inspectors to set their energy inspection fees to cover this cost.) The energy report is generated as soon as the inspector has completed entering data, there is no delay or waiting for results.
As a certified Home Energy Tune-uP® inspector, CMC Energy will list the inspector and company on our website, including a link to your company website.

Energy Inspector Certification Requirements

CMC Energy Services will certify students as an energy inspector when the following criteria have been met:

  • All paperwork has been completed and returned to complete the required setup with CMC Energy
  • A signed contract is on file with CMC Energy
  • 2 practice inspections have been entered, reviewed and approved by CMC Energy

Upon meeting each of these requirements CMC Energy will:

  • List the inspector as certified on our web site listing
  • List the inspector on Contractors.com as a Certified Energy Inspector
  • Refer inquiries to the certified inspector within their direct service area
  • Include the certified inspector in any CMC Energy advertising campaigns in their service area

Register Online or call 1-888-323-9235.

Continuing education credits are available from all the major associations and many state associations. ( 6 MRCs with ASHI / 8 CEUs with NAHI / 8 CEUs with TAREI / 8 CECs with CREIA / 6 hours with FABI / 8 credits with NACHI).

Course Schedule
May 15-16
Texas - Carrollton
May 17-18
Jun 14-15
Florida - Tampa
Jun 30 - Jul 1
Texas - Houston
Jul 17-18
Texas - Carrollton
Aug 14-15
Texas - Houston
Nov 6-7
Nov 8-9

Courses Start at 8:30 AM (8:00 in Rochester, NY)

NOTE: Classes fill up quickly. Please call to confirm enrollment availability before registering.

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