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About the HomeSafe Infrared Camera/Digital Camcorder Array

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About Infrared Inspections     
HomeSafe Inspection Infrared Equipment
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HomeSafe: The Power of Technology
HomeSafe Inspection is the nation’s leading provider of high-powered infrared and acoustic technologies customized specifically for home inspections. HomeSafe pioneered the use of advanced IR/acoustic equipment in home inspections and developed the industry’s first training program and protocols for effective usage of these technologies in the course of a home inspection.

Lease-Licensing HomeSafe’s Infrared Technology
Home inspectors need the best, most cutting-edge tools to grow their business and compete in a crowded marketplace. But the most effective tool of all – infrared – has always been just too expensive.

Not anymore. HomeSafe Inspection now offers affordable lease-licensing opportunities to home inspectors across the country. Once you’ve completed your Kaplan Enhanced Infrared and Acoustic Home Inspection training course, you can be out in the field with your customized, high-powered HomeSafe infrared camera right away.

Infrared: The Power to See What No One Else Can See
HomeSafe Inspection’s infrared camera/digital camcorder array is customized specifically for usage in home inspections. The HomeSafe array includes a lightweight, long-wavelength infrared (thermal imaging) camera with 16-bit resolution and automatic contrast/brightness control. One of the most powerful, sensitive and high-resolution IR cameras on the market, it detects temperature variations as low as 0.08 degrees Celsius (compared to .12 to .20 degrees Celsius with competitors’ cameras). Its resolution is 240 x 320 (compared to competitors’ 120 x 160 resolution), and it can operate in a temperature range of -20 to +150 degrees Celsius. The integrated video camcorder can capture infrared and digital images, download them to any computer and print from any printer.

Acoustics: The Power to Hear What No One Else Can Hear
HomeSafe’s handheld acoustic (listening) probes use the most sensitive and versatile structural-borne acoustic sensors specifically designed for termite detection. The sensors utilize sound amplification technology to minimize electronic and ambient noise. Audio signals are fed into a tablet PC equipped with HomeSafe’s specialized Pattern Recognition Software which quickly, accurately and objectively analyzes and confirms insect sounds on the spot.

HGTV’s “House Detective”: HomeSafe is On the Case
HomeSafe Inspection’s infrared/video camera array will be featured on upcoming episodes of Home and Garden TV’s popular show, “House Detective”!

Steven Ramos, HGTV’s “House Detective” and owner of Envirovue Home Inspection in Petaluma, Calif., has added HomeSafe Inspection’s high-powered, customized infrared technology to his arsenal of home inspection tools for upcoming episodes of the popular TV show. The new episodes, being shot now in the San Francisco area, will begin airing in late 2006 or early 2007.

“As a full time practicing certified home inspector, it is my opinion that, hands-down, the HomeSafe camera will make you money,” says Ramos, a member of the National Association of Certified Home Inspectors. “Every inspector is looking for the silver marketing bullet and the ultimate liability shield. There is no better protection in the industry than seeing more than your competitors. With this camera, you will see more, sell more and protect yourself and your clients more, giving your business a marketing edge over your competitors.”

Sign up for IR Equipment Lease Now

For information on HomeSafe’s infrared and acoustic technology lease-licensing program, call Kevin Seddon TODAY toll-free at (866) 327-7233 or visit www.HomeSafeInspection.com

Getting Started in IR/Acoustic Course     Enhanced IR/Acoustic Course     Online IR/Acoustic Course
About Infrared Inspections     
HomeSafe Inspection Infrared Equipment
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The power to see what no one
else can see.

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