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Getting Started in Infrared and Acoustic Home Inspection
In partnership with HomeSafe Inspection, Inc.

1 Day - 6 hours
Only $89 - Course fee can be applied toward Enhanced IR/Acoustic Course!

Getting Started in IR/Acoustic Course     Enhanced IR/Acoustic Course     Online IR/Acoustic Course
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Infrared is the most powerful tool available to home inspectors today. It is also a highly specialized tool that requires highly specialized training for effective use in home inspections. Now you can learn more about how infrared can give you a powerful technological and marketing advantage over your competitors in Kaplan Professional Schools’ new one-day introductory course, Getting Started in Infrared and Acoustic Home Inspection, which leads into our comprehensive 5-day program, Enhanced Infrared and Acoustic Home Inspection. The $89 course fee may be applied toward your Enhanced IR/Acoustic course registration fee!

“Seeing” and “Hearing” Through Walls
Infrared empowers home inspectors to detect hidden problems that may otherwise go undetected in an ordinary inspection. From concealed leaks and moisture intrusion to faulty wiring, energy loss and termite infestations, infrared can help expose previously inaccessible areas of the house for a more detailed, accurate and comprehensive inspection.

Unfortunately, not all infrared cameras are created equal, and good, comprehensive training can be difficult to find. Kaplan in partnership with HomeSafe Inspection, Inc. provides complete thermography training and discusses equipment options for the home inspection profession.

Using technologies developed by infrared home inspection pioneer HomeSafe Inspection, this 6-hour course provides a general introduction to infrared as a powerful new inspection tool for your arsenal. You will learn what to look for in a good IR camera for home inspections. You will learn the advantages of combining infrared inspection techniques with HomeSafe’s powerful acoustic (listening) sensors to, in effect, “see” and “hear” through a house’s walls, floors and ceilings. And you will learn how IR can help increase your sales and grow your business.

Topics covered in this course include:

  • The types of IR technology
  • What IR can “see” and what it can’t “see”
  • IR as a home inspection tool
  • Acoustic termite detection
  • Pricing your infrared home inspection
  • The marketing advantages of IR
  • Liability issues

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The power to see what no one
else can see.

In Partnership with:

IR Acoustic Technology

Getting Started
6 Hour Course
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40 Hour Course
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Courses Start at 8:30 AM (8:00 in Rochester, NY)

NOTE: Classes fill up quickly. Please call to confirm enrollment availability before registering.

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