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Infrared as a Home Inspection Tool
Infrared imaging provides important information relating to otherwise inaccessible areas of a residential building. Infrared detects extremely small but crucial differences in temperature from one area of a house to another. These temperature variations show up on the camera’s view screen as “cold” or “hot” spots, which reveal hidden problems that often cannot be detected in the course of a traditional visual inspection.

Depending on the type and quality of the IR camera being used, these problems may include:

  • Faulty wiring, breakers and fuses
  • Hidden moisture intrusion
  • The moisture sources of mold
  • Pipe and duct work leaks
  • Roof and ceiling leaks
  • Heat/energy loss
  • Structural concerns
  • Missing insulation
  • Ventilation problems
  • Moisture associated with termite nests
  • Rats, mice and other pests

Why Perform Infrared Home Inspections?
Combined with traditional home inspection techniques, the infrared inspection method reveals substantially more of the house than can be perceived by the naked eye and conventional inspection tools. As a Kaplan trained Infrared Home Inspector, you will become an infrared home inspection expert. You will be able to:

  • Enjoy a unique and powerful competitive advantage that your business rivals can’t match
  • Expand your range of services
  • Increase your market share
  • Boost your gross revenues
  • Reduce your liability

U.S. Department of Energy Recommends Infrared Scan for Home Inspections
The U.S. Department of Energy now advises home buyers to get an infrared (thermographic) inspection before making a final purchasing decision. Are you prepared to meet the growing demand for the world’s most advanced home inspections?

In a publication titled “A Consumer’s Guide to Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy” (EERE), the DOE outlines the benefits of infrared scanning to detect problems with a house’s energy efficiency. It goes on to state, “In addition to using thermography during an energy audit, you should have a scan done before purchasing a house; even new houses can have defects in their thermal envelopes.”

“You may wish to include a clause in the contract requiring a thermographic scan of the house,” the DOE adds. “A thermographic scan performed by a certified technician is usually accurate enough to use as documentation in court proceedings.”

Infrared/Acoustic Inspection Training
Kaplan ITA offers exclusive training programs for Infrared and Acoustic Inspection in partnership with HomeSafe Inspection:

Learn more about Infrared/Acoustic Inspection Training.

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