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Disaster Housing Inspector Basic Certification Class
1 Day - 8 hours*
Only $179
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About Disaster Housing Inspections

Who is PaRR Inspections?

The Partnership for Response and Recovery (PaRR Inspections) is a contractor to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), tasked with performing Disaster Housing Inspections following federal disaster declarations.

What does a Disaster Housing Inspector do?

He/she visits the homes of disaster victims who have applied for FEMA assistance following federally-declared disasters. At the homes, the inspector records disaster-related damages on a handheld computer. Based on the inspections, the applicants may be eligible for federal assistance.

Is this full-time work?

No. Inspectors are deployed "as needed." Disaster relief work is unpredictable and intermittent. After being released from a working disaster, an inspector may be "idle" for weeks or months at a time.

Where are inspectors deployed?

Inspectors are eligible for deployment anywhere in the United States and its territories.

Are inspectors required to work all disasters?

No. The number of inspectors needed will depend on the scope of the damage. If an inspector is called for deployment and is not available at that time, he/she will remain on the call-out list for future deployments.

Is this volunteer work?

No. We ask a lot of our inspectors, and we compensate them accordingly. Inspectors are paid per inspection. Inspectors who are organized with good time management skills are well-compensated financially.

Who pays for the inspector's expenses?

All inspectors are considered "Independent Contractors." As such, they are responsible for all their field expenses (lodging, rental cars, food, etc.). However, PaRR Inspections will pay transportation expenses to and from the disaster site.
Requirements for Disaster Housing Inspectors

  • Do you derive satisfaction from helping people in their times of need?

  • Do you have basic familiarity with the building trades related to residential construction (ex: framing, plumbing, electrical)?

  • Can you navigate easily around the Windows operating system (ex: using drop-down menus, scroll bars, on-screen keyboards)?

  • Can you meet the physical demands of the inspection process (climbing steps, navigating hazards and debris, maintaining an efficient pace, etc.)?

  • Do you have good people skills and can you show compassion under stressful conditions?

  • Are you committed to respecting people of different races, ethnicities, lifestyles, economic status, etc.?

  • Could you be available for deployment on short notice (1-2 days) and are you able to be away from home for several weeks at a time?

  • Do you have the flexibility to work intermittently, depending on need and Mother Nature?

  • Do you have excellent time management skills?

  • Are you resourceful and able to "think on your feet?"

  • Do you have or would you be willing to get, a credit card (recommended for field expenses and car rental)?

  • Are you able to rent a car, if needed (consider: driving record, valid driver's license, age requirements, etc.)?

  • Do you now have, or would you be willing to get, private health insurance?

  • Are you free of felony convictions?

  • Are you a hard worker who is willing to work long hours, seven days a week, for weeks on end?


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Courses Start at 8:30 AM (8:00 in Rochester, NY)

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