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Home Study Radon Measurement Certification Course
A Complete Learning Package Providing You Convenience AND a Comprehensive Entry Level Radon Course!

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A convenient alternative to a classroom course designed specifically for Kaplan students. It provides a complete learning package along with valuable technical and business resources. This course is not only comprehensive and convenient; it has proven to successfully prepare students for certification with an impressive 93% passage rate on the national certification exam.

The audio-based course provides you with an easy-to-use format of audio CDís, course manual, reference materials, and short video clips on a DVD. You can listen to the course material in your car, on your computer, or anywhere you have a CD player. The course manual emphasizes the key points on the CDís, and the online section review questions provide you with instant feedback allowing you to review the material as needed before taking the certification exam.

Certification Exam: The national certification exam is available online through LaserGrade. You simply register with LaserGrade, find the closest site to you, and schedule your exam. More information on exams.

Materials Include:

Audio CDs

  • Easy listening format 
  • Includes Subject Matter Expert Interviews
  • Short sections allow for review

DVD Video, Manual & Business Materials

  • DVD allows you to visualize devices and radioactive decay. Business Materials include model contracts, warranties, checklists, and articles.
  • The textbook manual follows audio tracks, highlights key points & illustrations, and details protocols and EPA documents.

Online Review Questions
A complete set of review questions for each of the eight sections in the course providing you an opportunity to reinforce the material and prepare for the certification exam.

  • Accessible 24-7
  • Immediate feedback on questions
  • Review as often as you wish
  • Great review before certification exam
  • Course Certificate is downloadable after completion of course

Technical support

  • Protocol Interpretation
  • Technical Questions
  • Business Support
  • During AND After the Course

Steps to Completion

  1. Listen to Audio CD ROMS and watch DVD
  2. Review Course Manual and Reference Materials
  3. Complete Online Review Questions
  4. Take Certification Exam
Radon Getting Started Kit
Course Fee & Online Ordering
National certification exam fee $100 additional.

Course only - $299

Course with Radon Getting Started Kit - $499


"You folks are #1 bar none. I have never been more impressed with an organization such as yours. Totally professional. Outstanding teachers, Steve Gladstone, Brian Dunbar, Mark Wing in CT. They are giving me all the tools to succeed. The Las Vegas Conference was great and I will be going again. Joe Zabadick, Peter Drenan and Steve Gladstone (again) superb speakers."

Steve Dukette

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