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Kaplan ITA's Monthly Inspection Tips - Free Electronic Newsletter

October, 2007
Diversification to Maintain Revenue Stream
Issue #66

Having just returned from our successful 12th annual Kaplan – ITA Inspection EXPO I have had input on many items to discuss. This month I would like to discuss the benefits of diversification to maintain consistent or increased revenue stream.

I know most of us have heard of add-ons (also known as up-sell or up-serve) to a typical home inspection. However, in today’s market ways to increase revenue per job are important to consider. These add-ons range from water testing, septic testing, pool inspection, infrared surveys, mold surveys, radon testing, advanced solid fuel burning appliance inspection, energy inspections, solar heating system inspection, irrigation system testing and inspection and more. These add-ons depend upon what systems and components may be popular in your location. I know offering pool inspections here in Southern California is a great way to add value to a home inspection. Research items that may be desirous to your client to be included with your inspection and get training and/or hire out an independent consultant (for a fee) to perform the evaluation. Bottom line is clients like “one-stop shopping” convenience.

During EXPO I moderated the Commercial Inspection round table. Of course offering commercial inspection is a great way to diversify your business. One of the add-on offerings we discussed at the round table was use feasibility studies. This would be providing a service to commercial clients wherein you (or you hire a consultant, such as an architect) explore with the municipality the feasibility of changing the use of the building (say, from warehouse to office or retail) and any modifications that may be required, such as exiting, additional parking, etc. Another add-on discussed was ADA Inspections. One participant indicated he would hire an expert to perform this inspection, relaying the results to the client. We all agreed having the ability to provide cost to cure estimates (usually ranges) is a necessary requirement for any one performing commercial inspections.

If you have any suggestions for future Kaplan ITA inspection tips feel free to let me know!

We'll talk next month,

Mike Casey
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