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Pool & Spa Inspection Course Outline
1 Days - 8 hours
Only $169
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This eight-hour Kaplan course demystifies the world of pools and spas. Students learn about electrical requirements, how the different equipment and types of equipment operate, and common problems found in and around pools and spas. A special emphasis is placed on teaching inspectors to identify safety risks associated with pools and spas. Pool and Spa inspection consists of four phases that are covered: inspection of the pool/spa placement and protection fencing, inspection of the pool/spa shell (the vessel) and coping, inspection of the equipment, including gas and electrical connections, and function test of equipment.

Upon completion of this class students will be able to perform an inspection and write an inspection report on a residential pool/spa.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Nomenclature specific to residential swimming pools and spas and their associated systems and components.
  2. Barrier requirements for fencing, gates, doors and windows.
  3. Equipment including pumps, motors, filtration systems, blowers, heaters, valves, chemical systems, piping and their related components; signs and symptoms of normal wear and tear vs. deferred maintenance, material defects, performance deficiencies and appropriate inspection techniques.
  4. Pool and spa controls, their installation and operation.
  5. Electrical requirements for pool and spa installation, common defects and appropriate inspection techniques.
  6. Pool/spa decks, coping, elastomeric sealants, proper drainage, signs and symptoms of normal wear and tear vs. deferred maintenance, material defects, performance deficiencies and appropriate inspection techniques.
  7. Conditions that create or pose a safety hazard.
  8. Report writing and communication as it pertains to pool and spas.

Class Schedule:

  • Pool/spa placement and fencing
  • Fencing requirements
  • Gates, latching, self-closing devices, alarms
  • Pool/spa covers
  • Pool placement
  • Location of receptacles around pool/spa
  • Pool/Spa Shell & Coping
  • Types of pools/spas -Plaster, vinyl, fiberglass, acrylic or wood (the "hot tub")
  • Defect identification
  • Cantilevered and standard coping
  • Main drains - Old and New
  • Pool/spa Equipment
  • GFCI protection, electrical requirement
  • Pool/spa lights including junction box requirements
  • Types of filters, pressure gauges
  • Pumps
  • Plumbing/valves, including "Ortega" valves, jets, and blowers
  • Pool/spa heaters including gas connections
  • Pool/Spa equipment operation - Inspection techniques
  • Operation of equipment using normal controls
  • Visual examination of pool/spa body
  • Inspection techniques

Books & Handouts
Pool & Spa text book by Kaplan Professional Schools.
PowerPoint Show Handout

Classroom Participation. A certificate of completion is provided for 6 hours at the end of the class.

Course Schedule
Nov 22

Courses Start at 8:30 AM (8:00 in Rochester, NY)

NOTE: Classes fill up quickly. Please call to confirm enrollment availability before registering.

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