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Directions to Carrollton Facility

Get MAPQUEST Driving
Directions From:
 Address / Intersection
To: Leonard-Hawes Carrollton
4100 Midway Rd. #1055,
Carrollton, TX 75007

MAPQUEST General Driving Directions
From: Dallas-Fort Worth Intl Airport (DFW)
3200 E. Airfield Drive, Dallas, TX
To: Leonard-Hawes Carrollton
4100 Midway Rd. #1055,
Carrollton, TX 75007

Estimated Travel Time: 30 minutes (20.75 miles)

1: Start out going South on INTERNATIONAL PKWY S (Portions toll). 0.5 miles
2: Turn SLIGHT LEFT to take the ramp toward SOUTH REDUCED RATE PARKING.... 0.2 miles
3: Turn LEFT onto PARKING. 0.3 miles
4: Take the ramp toward NORTH EXIT.... 0.2 miles
5: Merge onto INTERNATIONAL PKWY N (Portions toll). 3.7 miles
6: INTERNATIONAL PKWY N becomes TX-121 N. 9.8 miles
7: Turn RIGHT onto W HEBRON PKWY. 4.9 miles
8: Turn RIGHT onto INTERNATIONAL PKWY. 0.6 miles
9: Turn LEFT onto MIDWAY RD. 0.1 miles

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