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Kaplan ITA's Monthly Inspection Tips - Free Electronic Newsletter

May, 2005
Diversifying Your Business
Issue #37

One of the primary methods of assuring a steady revenue stream is to diversify your business or offer additional services.

One additional service is pool and spa inspection. With summer coming now is a good time to offer this service.

Pool and Spa inspection consists of four phases: inspection of the pool/spa placement and protection fencing; inspection of the pool/spa shell (the vessel) and coping; inspection of the equipment, including gas and electrical connections; and function test of equipment. Many inspectors do not include the pool body (shell) but many of us will look for obvious defects such as deteriorated plaster and loose or missing coping.

Today I will discuss protection fencing. First to keep in mind is we are trying to keep children out of the pool, so it is the exterior side of the barrier that is most important, not the interior height of the fence. Most jurisdictions require a 48-inch high (some are higher) fence around the entire pool area, with a gate that swings away from the pool (children learn to push before pull). The gate latch should be on the inside of the fence so adults can reach over the top and open it. The fence rail spacing should reject a 4-inch sphere in the field and a 2-inch sphere in the space between the bottom of the fence and grade. Any doors from the house to the pool that are inside the fenced area should be self closing and latching and be equipped with an alarm to alert persons in the house of possible unauthorized entry to the pool area.

Code Check Pool Safety Illustration

I would always provide my clients (any one buying a house with a pool or spa, even if I was not retained to inspect the pool) the Consumer Product Safety Commission publication 362 regarding pool barrier safety. Go here to download the PDF file: http://www.cpsc.gov/cpscpub/pubs/chdrown.html and learn more about pool barrier safety and pass it on to your clients.

Kaplan offers many "Learn to Earn" specialty courses to help you diversify your business and offer more services. For a packed day of pool inspection learning, check out our Pool and Spa Inspection course.

We'll talk next month,

Mike Casey
Kaplan Professional Schools
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