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Kaplan ITA's Monthly Inspection Tips - Free Electronic Newsletter

April, 2005
Effective Report Writing
Issue #36

This month we will discuss Effective Report Writing.

Bridging technical knowledge into written form is a key element in providing your clients with the valuable information and direction they need on the property that you are inspecting for them. Effective report writing assists in reducing the inspector's liability and documents the condition of the property's many systems and components. Not to mention reducing phone calls with questions and ensuring customer satisfaction.

It is important to clearly and accurately communicate conditions that are found during the inspection. Using terms that are "technically challenging" or "trade slang" for your clients should be avoided. Your report should contain generic language that a layperson can understand. Be sure to "write what you say and say what you write", be consistent throughout the inspection.

Remember too, that we are not code-enforcement officials and steer clear of citing code in your reports. Instead of writing "the spacing between the rails is not per code" consider writing "the spacing between the rails may be unsafe and we recommend upgrading for enhanced safety."

Follow these 5 steps when reporting:

  1. Locate - Write the location.

  2. Identify - Write what it is that you are reporting on.

  3. Describe - What do you see? What is its condition?

  4. Explain - What does what you found mean?

  5. Recommend - What should be done? Should you recommend further review and repairs as needed by a qualified licensed contractor or specialty tradesperson dealing with the item or system? Possibly further evaluation by an engineer? Minor repair?

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Whether you are an experienced inspector or new to report writing increasing your knowledge and ability to generate effective and defensible home inspection reports is important. Oh, one more thing, correct grammar and spelling increases the credibility of your reports.

Kaplan now offers a one day Report Writing course. Included is a Matrix Deluxe Starter Kit valued at $159.95!

We'll talk next month,

Michael Casey with assistance this month from Dana Carter, Director of Education at Kaplan.
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