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MATRIX Deluxe Inspection Reporting System
Field generated form pages 2-12 -
$12.95 to $17.95

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The Matrix Deluxe is an 8.5” X 11” 4-part NCR report form. This report comes with its own three-ring binder along with illustrated index tabs, standards of practice booklet and a How to Operate Your Home book. This system is popular with inspectors looking for a marketing edge and an extremely professional delivery.

Our Matrix Deluxe users have told us that referrals have increased because the report is now a resource people keep rather than filing the report in the attic. The appeal for this low cost system (around $15.00 per inspection) gives the inspector a comprehensive and professional company image. The report information is nearly identical to the 14” “Matrix” forms. The Matrix Deluxe binder, tabs and booklets can also be used with the reports that are generated by our software to enhance the packaging.

You will be proud to deliver the Matrix Deluxe inspection report to your clients. The 8 1/2" x 11" binder version is a real sales builder! This deluxe system is complete with graphics, index tabs, help sections and a 3 ring binder. Your customers will be so impressed with their report, referrals will soar! Thousands of inspectors enjoy the quality, professionalism and cost of the Matrix family of inspection systems. To view Matrix Deluxe samples click here.To view Matrix Deluxe samples click here.

Corresponding artwork and detailed explanations are printed on each tab for greater understanding.

Index Tabs
Each report page comes with its own index tab for easy reference. Corresponding artwork and detailed explanations are printed on the card stock index tabs for easy field use and enhanced communication with clients. 4-part NCR (carbonless) paper. Snap out three copies and leave the original in the binder for your clients.

How to Operate Your Home manual
Nothing builds referrals for your business more than this compilation of How to Operate Your Home from Mr. Fix-It. And better yet, it is included free with every "Matrix" Deluxe reporting system

Standards of Practice
Included is a copy of the American Society of Home Inspector's standards of practice, with index tab. CREIA and NAHI standards are also available.

3-Ring Binder
The standard system includes a high quality three ring binder with a clear interior pocket for business cards and promotional materials. Perfect for a field desk and prized by your customers for future reference.

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Individual Pages
1 - Contracts
2 - Key to Matrix Deluxe

3 - Grounds
4 - Exterior
5 - Foundation
6 - Roof
7 - Plumbing
8 - Heating pg. 1
9 - Heating pg. 2/Cooling
10 - Electrical
11 - Interior pg. 1

12 - Interior pg. 2

13 - Garage

14 - Kitchen

15 - Bathroom

Additional Pages
Report Overview
General Notes

Septic pg. 1

Septic pg. 2
Pool/Spa pg. 1
Pool/Spa pg. 2
Help pgs. 1 & 2
Permit Research
Cost Guide pgs. 1 & 2
ASHI Standards of Practice
"How to Operate Your Home" Booklet


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