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"Just wanted to pass along what a great job Kaplan is doing. I called Kaplan on Monday to order Matrix Report forms, and the woman I talked to had me verify that I wanted the 14" forms and not the 11" forms which I have ordered in the past. It is nice to see Kaplan making sure I really get what I need. Kaplan has always been very polite and I got the forms yesterday, very fast service. Thanks again."

Kevin Teitel
House-Pro Inspections



Our most popular Home Inspection Report Form!

Kaplan ITA's Matrix Advantage, MATRIX and Matrix Deluxe inspection reporting systems will enable you to inspect and report in a manner that has been field-tested in over one hundred thousand inspections. Our marketplace has proven our system to be the most complete and comprehensive report available today. Kaplan's Matrix Inspection reporting system is approved for Insurance Underwriting by Marion A. Allen, Inc. of Georgia and NARREP, Inc. The Matrix reporting systems will enable you to start building repeat business immediately. It is the professional's choice for a home inspection checklist or home inspection form!

MATRIX Reporting Features

  • Your company name and logo can be printed on the contract page of the home inspection form!
  • An inspection contract is available and provides the latest terminology.
  • This concise reporting format reduces training time.
  • Kaplan systems provide uniformity in your inspection reporting.
  • 10% off your first order.
  • Home inspection form sections are identified for clarity and comprehensive reporting.
  • Exclusive Key for description and commentary on the home inspection checklist.
  • * Asterisk items signify conditions requiring further attention.
  • Circled Numbers provide automatic referral to specialty contractors.
  • Inform "Notices" clearly define Inspector limitations.

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