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About Kaplan Professional Schools

Kaplan Professional Schools offers the continuing education you need now! We provide reference materials and have provided continuing education for thousands of professionals over the years. Our continuing education programs are written and conducted by highly qualified instructors with the understanding that your time is valuable. We are currently approved to offer continuing education in Georgia.

We are the Leading Licensed Trainer in North America!
Is the continuing education provider you are considering a licensed school? To provide education, most states require a license, otherwise the school would be operating illegally. The license demonstrates that: the company complies with state laws, the courses have been approved, the instructors are qualified, and the students rights are being looked after. Yes, Student's Rights. Kaplan ITA has been protecting your rights and providing quality education since 1987. Kaplan ITA started the first licensed inspection school in the nation with its Southern California school and has since opened licensed schools in Florida, Virginia, Illinois, Connecticut, Colorado, Nevada, Northern California, Georgia, Tennessee, Texas, Maryland, Minnesota, New Mexico, Washington, New York, Ohio and Arizona. Kaplan instructors are true industry leaders, providing students with a wealth of industry knowledge and hands-on experience unmatched by any other training provider. Click here to meet our instructors.

Commitment to Best Practices
Kaplan ITA is committed to providing students with the best educational experience possible; we call this our Commitment to Best Practices. To that end, we promise each student on the first day of our home inspection training courses three things: 1. They will learn more in this course than they anticipated. 2. They will be prepared to move forward with their career and business setup. 3. They will have fun and tell others of their great experience with Kaplan. We invite you to read testimonials from past Kaplan students by clicking here.


"You folks are #1 bar none. I have never been more impressed with an organization such as yours. Totally professional. Outstanding teachers..."

Steve Dukette

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