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Learn How to Become a Home Inspector with Our Home Inspector Training

Taking advantage of our home inspector training and home inspector school will help see if this is the right career for you. You’ll see how to become a home inspector by enrolling in our home inspector school. Read on to learn more!

Steps to Become a Home Inspector:

1 Determine if this is the right career for you.
Many people come to us and they have never seen a home inspection performed. Crawling under homes may not be your idea of a fun day. Also, this business requires good people skills and the ability to sell yourself.
2 Set up your business properly.
Decide the structure of your business, corporation, partnership, etc., with the help of a good small business accountant and attorney. Develop a relationship with your bank. Set up good business practices early.
3 Research your marketplace.
How many homes are sold in the area you will be serving? How many of those homes get inspected? How many other inspectors are in that area? What are the fees charged by your competition? Who are your potential clients?
4 Create a business plan.
Whether you have never been in business for yourself or are a seasoned veteran, the importance of a business plan is critical for success. By answering all the questions addressed in a working business plan, you will create a road map for success.
5 Choose a market position.
Too many companies simply copy the marketing messages of the competition. To get people to switch to your service, you need to give them a fantastic reason to change. Do not sell your service simply based on price. Many standard market positions exist, such as, innovation, speed, experience, quality, etc. Make sure your chosen position fits your personality.
6 Choose an inspection reporting system that fits your style and budget.
The inspection report can be your biggest marketing tool and your largest expense. A wide variety of reporting methods are available today. Computers can assist you in report creation, but can be a large up front expense. When considering the cost of your inspection report, remember to factor in the time you or an assistant will spend behind the computer into the costs. Typical narrative reports cost between $20 and $60 to produce. On-site NCR forms make delivery of your report when you complete the inspection easy. If you are computer phobic, these on-site reporting forms may be the answer.
7 Be sure you understand the scope of the work.
From the outside looking in, home inspection may appear to be an easy job. Well, it's not! Understanding all the systems in a home and having the ability to recognize the red flags is an extremely complex task. The liability of inspecting a home without proper knowledge and training is tremendous. Choose your training with care. Compare the opportunities carefully. Not all are equal. Look for courses given at licensed schools. Ask how long the course is and what materials are included. Get references from previous graduates and call them to discuss their experiences. Find out how long the school has been giving the course. What are the credentials of the instructors? Will you be allowed to upgrade your training or return for a refresher at no charge?
8 Prepare yourself well for your new business.
If you have never been in business before, then you might need additional training in specialized areas such as business management, accounting, or public speaking. Remember that the better you prepare yourself for success the more likely success will come to you.

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