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Kaplan Professional Schools, Inspection Training Associates (Kaplan ITA) is the leader in home inspection training, business startup support, home inspection reports and home inspection software systems. Kaplan is licensed by the Bureau for Private Postsecondary and Vocational Education, license #3708391; the Florida State Board of Nonpublic Career Education, license #2064; the Virginia Board of Education, license #1388; the State of Illinois Office of Banks and Real Estate (OBRE), Licensed Home Inspector Education Provider #052000101; and the State of Illinois OBRE 101 Correspondence Course, license #053000118. We have helped thousands of people create and operate successful home inspection businesses. Now our resources are available on-line! If you have questions about our home inspection reports, home inspection training, or catalog, you may call us toll free. You are invited to attend Inspection Expo, the second largest annual home inspection conference, with hundreds of other home inspectors, for education and information on this rapidly evolving profession.

Leading Licensed Trainer in North America!
Kaplan has been protecting your rights and providing the highest quality home inspection education since 1987.
Kaplan started the first licensed home inspection school in the United States with its California school and provides the most complete offering of licensed home inspector training available today.

Approved Schools vs. Registered Schools
Is the home inspection school you are considering
licensed and approved? Many other home inspection schools are registered with a state education authority but are actually unlicensed schools. Schools that are registered, but not licensed, meet only minimum standards on the basis of their written application to the state. These registered schools do not meet the more extensive standards required by the state for licensed schools. Unlicensed schools are not specifically approved to operate and are not verified by the state's education authority. Licensed schools, however are accountable to the state education authority. Licensed and approved schools, such as Kaplan, protect student rights and assure the quality of your educational experience.

Our Home Inspection courses are approved for continuing education credits by:

  • American Society of Home Inspectors ASHI
  • California Real Estate Inspection Association CREIA
  • National Association of Certified Home Inspectors NACHI
  • National Association of Home Inspectors NAHI
  • Office of Real Estate Appraisers OREA - Selected courses
  • Also approved by many more associations. Call 1-800-323-9235 to verify approval by your association.

Our instructors include members, presidents, and past presidents of some of the associations listed above.


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