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Kaplan ITA's Monthly Inspection Tips - Free Electronic Newsletter

September, 2004
Home Inspection "Size Up" Technique
Issue #29

Dear Inspector,

Stephen Gladstone will be guest Inspection Tip writer for September and October.

For years as an active volunteer firefighter I have practiced a technique called "size up".

When approaching a fire scene the firemen look at a structure for signs of smoke, life threatening situations and the most sensible way to attack a fire or rescue to save property and lives.

In home inspection "size up" is a technique I encourage when training new inspectors. We pull up to random homes and call out the more significant items needing repair, maintenance or upgrades that we can immediately see. Try not to freak out the inhabitants, this can be done from the street not in the driveway!

This initial spotting of problems will help the new inspector to focus on the more important aspects of the home and gets them to practice formulating typical comments that will be written into the report.

My experience over many training exercises has been this sharpens your eye to note and more importantly remember, the more critical list of deficiencies.

Next time you have a few minutes, go for a ride and stop at a few homes in a neighborhood. Look at the roof… is it curling, warping, worn or wearing out. Check the siding, look at gutters and leaders, slope of the property. Examine from your vehicle areas of concern and think how you would write about those concerns.

Try to formulate what the ten most significant items are and how you would report them. Also make note of the areas that limited your view, the maintenance and safety needs of the home.

If you are using the Kaplan Matrix or Matrix Deluxe reporting systems find those exterior comments and learn where the information is entered on the form. Practicing in this manner will improve your inspector eye and your understanding of your report. Learning where all the comments go will help you fill in the forms better and faster.

When you find items you do not understand or know how to explain take some notes and/or a digital picture and give us a call. Practice in this business will certainly make you a better house detective. Try to “size up” many differing styles of homes and you’ll learn to do the job better and quicker.

More next month,

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Managing Instructor/Campus Director
Kaplan Connecticut

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