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Kaplan ITA's Monthly Inspection Tips - Free Electronic Newsletter

May, 2002
Providing Another Level of Professionalism
Issue #1

Dear Inspector,

Many of us realize that we must be professional with our clients, and be confident in our abilities so they, and the real estate agents, are confident in us. Many times we forget that little things impress not only our clients, but the seller, too. Remember that the seller is a potential client.

Of course a thorough inspection is a given. Today I will leave you with a few tips on keeping the sellers home as you found it.

Always put things back as you found them. Put covers back on furnaces and other appliances opened. Be sure to replace thermostats to their original position, even if you have to leave your keys on the floor below the thermostat so you don't forget. I carry rubber 'Totes" boots with me. When the yard is wet I use them, then remove at the front door so I don't track dirt inside. I also carry a box of surgical booties with me. These enable me to walk in the house with white carpet without removal of shoes. I offer some to any one else at the inspection, too. I carry two double bed size sheets with me. Whenever I place my ladder on an interior floor, the sheet goes down first. This prevents scratching (or being blamed for scratches) or getting carpet dirty, especially with the debris that falls from attic scuttles. I carry an extra sheet to cover clothes if the access is in a closet. These can be folded up and taken outside and shaken once completed, which is much easier than a vacuum. I carry a clean rag in my tool pouch. I use this whenever I open a fireplace damper so I don't get my hands dirty. Leaving dirty fingerprints on a white attic scuttle is not professional.

These are just a few tips. More will come soon.

Mike Casey
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