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Maintenance Check-Up Report Forms

After more than 2 years of development, Kaplan’s New Maintenance Check-Up forms are now available to assist you every step of the way in providing this excellent service option!

Statistics tell us that the average person buys a home once every 7 years. Most home inspectors rarely have any contact with their clients after the home inspection and are always chasing new business. However, successful businesses capitalize on solid relationships and repeat business.

We have created another way to keep these clients as customers in those 6 years between each inspection! Once a year or as often as needed, return to the client’s home for a Maintenance Check-Up of the major areas of the home, advising your clients of areas of concern and teach them how to better care for their home.

As a home inspector, part your business plan should focus on heightening professionalism and the respect level of our profession. This can be achieved by educating the general public that inspectors are the individuals to consult with questions about their homes. Long after the inspection and throughout the life of their home ownership, home owners have questions about maintenance, repairs and general home care - questions that YOU are more than qualified to answer. Your clients can use your knowledge and help while living in their homes when you offer the Maintenance Check-Up service!

To view Maintenance Check-Up Report samples click here.

Maintenance Check-Up Forms Online

Maintenance Check-Up Report Starter Kit - 10 Complete Sets  
Includes 10 complete sets of: Contract pages 1 & 2, Pre-inspection homeowner checklist, Key page, Grounds, Exterior, Foundation/Roof/Attic, Plumbing, Heating/Cooling/Electrical, Interior/Garage, Kitchen, Bathrooms and Report Folder! All pages are 3-part NCR.

Maintenance Check-Up Marketing Tools
See our excellent selection of Brochures and Postcards to help you market the Maintenance Check-Up service in your home inspection business.


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