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The Mold Survey Report is here! -
The purpose of the survey is to identify areas suspect to moisture intrusion that may be conducive to fungal growth. The survey will identify and record areas in need of microbial sampling. In addition to the Mold Survey - The Mold Survey Contract is also available. The efforts of these reports is to set boundaries of limitation and provide client's with informed recommendations! Call today for a price list and sample to be sent/faxed!

To be on the mailing list for updates regarding the Mold Industry, e-mail mold info or call 1-800-323-9235.

Mold Survey 8 ½” X 11” Reports
1 Sample Set FREE (set is not 4part NCR and is marked with sample across it).

Mold Survey Forms in Multiple Quantities (4 part NCR)
Basic Set Includes: Report Presentation Folder, “Pre Mold Sampling” Survey Contract, Pages 1 and 2
Mold Survey Forms - 8 pages: Key, Grounds, Structure, Roof, Interior, General Notes and Sampling Recommendations “Exhibit A”.

IAMM Standards of Practice Available: $1.35 per set

Custom Contracts-Page 1
Size 8 ½” x 11”, NCR paper/makes 4 copies

Customization includes your name, address and telephone numbers, using standard fonts on page 1 only of contract. If you wish for your logo to be imprinted we need your camera ready artwork! Additional extensive artwork will require an extra charge, by quote. Customized contracts are shipped directly from the printer. Please allow approximately 3 to 4 weeks for delivery.

Minimum order: Printing of custom contracts is done in quantities of 100 or more.
f you are ordering 100 report sets or more, your custom imprinting is free!!!
Includes reproduction of simple logos, company name, address and phone numbers.
ORDERING LESS THAN 100 REPORT SETS - Your order must include 100 contracts (pgs. 1 & 2 only) if you want contracts imprinted. Calculate the per page price x 100, then add $39.95 for the custom imprinting.
We encourage customization of the contract text after review by your attorney. Call for a quote on typesetting..
The "MOLD PURCHASE AND LIMITED USE AGREEMENT" form must be signed and returned with any order.

TO VIEW/PRINT In "Acrobat" PDF Format (Click Here to Download Acrobat Reader) or CLICK HERE TO VIEW/PRINT In GIF Format (less legible)

Mold Courses
- - Mold Course Dates and Costs

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