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book cover photoThe Pool Maintenance Manual

If pool & spa inspection is part of your company service, then this book will be a valuable addition to your library. This all-in-one reference will show you how to install, troubleshoot, repair and maintain pool and spa systems. Become more knowledgeable about these complex components.

Item # 519 - $24.95

Residential Plumbing Inspection

A practical study guide for home inspectors. This book covers all of the provisions of the Uniform Plumbing Code that must be addressed by inspectors. A practical book designed to assist in evaluating the plumbing systems of existing single family structures.

Item # 176 - $49.95

Study Guide to the Home Reference Book

This workbook contains 182 pages with well over 1000 questions referencing Carson & Dunlop's Encyclopedia of Homes, The Home Reference Book.

Item # 103 - $49.95

Study Guide to the ASHI Training Manual

This workbook contains 129 pages consisting of nearly 1000 questions referencing the ASHI Training manual.

Item # 100 - 49.95

Study Guide to the Uniform Building Code

A perfect study guide to aid inspectors. Whether you are preparing for CREIA or ASHI's membership examination, or simply looking to enhance your understanding of the UBC, this book is an excellent tool. Put together in a question and answer format to assist in your understanding.

Item # 115 - $35.00

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