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Adding to a House

Adding to a House is the ideal book for designers and builders who understand basic construction but have not had access to a single source of information that covers the entire process of planning, designing and building an addition. A useful guide for home inspectors in understanding additions and how they are done correctly.

Item # 590 - $34.95

"Building Codes for the Home Inspector"

This handbook is designed to assist home inspectors in evaluating existing residential structures. It contains the text of the Building Code relevant to home inspectors. Although home inspections are not "code" inspections, the codes do provide guidelines for our inspections. The actual code references are in italics. This book is a must for inspecting and exam preparation.

Item # 128 - $39.95

Building Evaluation Techniques

The techniques described in this book will help you understand how buildings work and how they can be made to work better. They will assist you to select, develop, or modify buildings so that they satisfy the demands of a competitive and continually changing environment where responsiveness to user needs, productivity, and cost-effectiveness are paramount concerns.

Item # 520 - $60.00

Code Check

Answers to the 600 most common building questions. References national building codes, including UBC and CABO. "A flip chart to the codes." This is a great tool for use in the field for quick reference. It is plastic laminated and easy to use. One of the most popular tools for home inspectors!

Item # 596 - $16.95

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